What is SSL Actually?

A lot of people don’t understand what the SSL Department does and what it stands for when it comes to the Student Council. From people I’ve asked they see the SSL as the tax collectors of the Student Council especially because of the infamous 5k Program. However the SSL Department stands for so much more than that, and people must understand what it does.

History of the SSL Department

The Sampoerna Academy Medan Student Council consists of 3 different departments: events, welfare, and SSL. Between all of these, SSL is considered to be the newest department having only been established 3 years ago. Back then, the term SSL, or “Student Service Learning”, was not widely recognized yet. The department was originally called PR or “Public Relations”. After a few years passed, however, the term “SSL” began to be widely used by other student council organizations around the world. Seeing this as a great opportunity to have a more focused role and rebrand the department, its was changed name to “SSL”.

What is SSL?

The SSL department focuses on its three founding aspects: humans, animals, and the environment. It mostly consists of activities in which students provide services to improve the communities around them whether in the school, their neighborhood, or the city. This may be in the form of raising awareness, funding campaigns for the needy, or any other act that brings benefits back to the three aspects.

Though sad but undeniable, a lot of people consider SSL to be a department only concerned about money. This view was popularized among students because the SSL has conducted many projects in the past that required large sums in donations from the students.

This idea, however, is not true at all. Yes, the SSL department does raise money but it is in support of those people in need of it. This includes local orphanages, schools for the disabled, and even a local animal organization taking care of the endangered Sumatran Orangutans.

Although some people may not understand and realize the impact of all these campaigns completely, we need to have an open mind and participate in these kinds of activities that aim at improving the community.

Past SSL Campaigns

5K Program

Since the year that it was established, the SSL department has conducted a diverse range of campaigns. One of the most widely known campaigns is the 5K program. As with what the name suggests, every student in Sampoerna Academy is encouraged to donate at least Rp.5,000 per month. Whenever one month period has passed, the student council members will collect the accumulated donation funds and use them to pay the school fees of the children coming from the orphanage that they are supporting.

Spirit of Giving

The SSL department organized a campaign where individuals will have a chance to give donations to the children from the "Sahabat Anak Indonesia" orphanage in the spirit of Christmas and giving.

From this event, their target was to be able to give the orphans a chance to experience the joy of Christmas. Fortunately, despite the current pandemic situation, the student council was able to gather quite a significant amount of funds to support all of the children in the orphanage, making sure that they could have a Merry Christmas.

One Community One Heart

The SSL department participated in a major campaign called “One Community One Heart”. The motive behind this campaign is essential to strengthen our sense of humanity through the act of giving during this challenging time. Apart from just including the external community, the campaign also covers the internal community, which consists of the Sampoerna Academy Family members and the staff like security guards, cleaners, gardeners, etc. In this campaign, the SSL department, along with the organizers of the event, worked together to provide necessities to both the external and internal communities mentioned above.


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