The Best Way to Survive Exam Season According to Science

Active Recall is a method many students use and stick to when conducting their studies. It involves the stimulation of your memory during the learning process. Some examples include:

  • Teaching friends about a concept you studied

  • Using flashcards to remember many key terms and definitions

  • Answering past papers and questions without external resources (Books, notes, etc.)

By doing some of these methods, we force ourselves into the process of recalling information. A study by Jeffrey D. Karpicke (Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University) and Henry L. Roediger, III (Department of Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis) titled, “The Critical Importance of Retrieval For Learning”, shows the effectiveness of active recall when compared to passive learning (reading and remembering) through group experiments. The result was that the active recall group had a 50% higher success rate compared to the passive learning group.

To learn more, I recommend watching Ali Abdaalyoutube, a former medical student providing content on productivity and studying. He provides excellent analyses for his studying methods and gives away some of the best tools to perform this studying method most effectively.



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