Editorial - Student stress and steps to solve them

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We live in one of the most isolating and stressful times in human history. It’s a serious problem for people and other social creatures, the clue being in the name. People of working age are constantly worried about bills and bankruptcy. Students, who are normally exposed to social interactions in school campuses, do not struggle with the loneliness of a homemade prison. The result of all this is higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress. So what can be done about it?

Be reminded that although these methods may help, they do not remove sources of stress. They are like an anesthetic, it numbs the effects but the source of the pain should be stopped before anything else. They will help you to focus on solving your problems and keeping stable mental health but they are not any sort of miracle medicine. First of all, one of the methods to reduce stress is to reduce your workload. Having deadlines, projects, and mountains of homework all hovering over your head is not good for your health. Students these days work hard and long hours. I personally know many who start their school day at eight in the morning and end it at eight at night, taking tuition classes into account. That’s 60 hours a week when the average for full-time work stands at about 40 hours. Not to mention all the homework and projects that need to be done over the weekend. However, reducing work in school can only be done by asking nicely, which rarely, if at all, works, so we must come to the next solution.

One of the best ways to decrease our stress is simply singing it away as listening to music that we enjoy is a great way to produce oxytocin, the good stuff, and will allow you to focus better and give yourself a boost of confidence.

Now for people who are a bit more energetic, maybe take up an indoor sport or learn some yoga. Though, it is highly suggested that everyone try this step. Doing exercise helps you burn energy and makes you more energetic. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Jogging or walking around the house for some time will help you sleep better, make you healthier and keep those good feelings flowing.

Finally, maybe consider getting a pet. Cats, dogs, birds, having a pet to care for will greatly relieve your stress. As a parent, you would already know this but getting a pet for a child will do a lot of good. It teaches responsibility, empathy and really brightens up the household. Who doesn’t love pets? In my opinion, having a pet is worth it, and by taking it out from an animal shelter, you will be doing a good deed too.

Stress happens when you worry about the future, and a bit of stress is always good for you. Without it, we probably wouldn’t get anything done. However, too much is too much and these are all just distractions to help you cope but repeating the original point, cut to the root of the problem and kill the problems that plague your life before it’s too late.


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