School Trip Memories 2019

School trips make up the backbone of the memories students have of their days in High School, and though we can't relive those days, we can relive their memories. I interviewed a bunch of different people to explain their adventures together. In hopes to spark a bit of nostalgia of your own experiences or inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and feel for yourself, the fun of an endless night talking with friends or exploring new countries and cultures. No matter which category you identify with, I hope you enjoy.

Almost Drowning and other Good Memories

“I can’t remember what it was actually for,” Jerrick explains on his trip to Bukit Lawang, “I just joined to have fun with my friends.” To clarify, the trip was actually meant to have an educational purpose, with visits to local schools and recycling plants but according to Jerrick, “that just wasn’t my style.” Instead, he remembers the long hikes through the dense forest, the campfire stories, and jumping into rivers (while almost drowning). He recounts the story, “I remember I was in the river, but then I underestimated how deep it was. The current came and I fell, losing my glasses to the waves. I went home basically blind after that.”

When I asked about what he felt made the trip so fun he explained it like this. “I have gone with my family before, but I prefer it when it’s with friends, it’s just more freeing like that.”

“And the food?”

“The food was honestly just edible, it wasn’t good or bad. The showers were pretty not great, the rooms were bad but I didn't have high expectations. That’s not what these trips are about. I had a lot of fun even though it was just three days, and it will be a precious memory for me to keep with me for a long time.”

In summary, he had this to say about it all, “Even though I am leaving the school, I hope there will be more trips like this so others can experience it too. If anybody is going back to Bukit Lawang though, just remember the monkeys will always find a way to steal your s*** (things).”

A Sleepless Nights in the Clouds

Davin recounts his time at Madu Efi for a camping trip with Student Council. He remembers the horrible food, the frozen showers and all of the group activities he did there like the rubber band game and the ball challenge and he describes it as both horrible but in a way where he would not hesitate to do it again. Though the most memorable was definitely the final performance, where they gathered together around a bonfire and sang campfire songs for hours on end.

“It was a beautiful time,” Davin said in our interview. He tells me about how he shared his tent with his two friends and though they were supposed to be sleeping, instead they hid games in their bags to play and talk all night long about all sorts of things. “The next day I was exhausted, but it was more than worth it.”

When asked to sum it up Davin only had this to say, “It was definitely a memorable experience, and I hope I can do it again next year.”

A Culture Trip through Beijing

We’ve been through two mountainous regions in Indonesia and now find ourselves landed in the Chinese Capital of Beijing where Melvern and Hubert share their two-week-long experience dropping down from the heights of the great wall in a small cart. “It was thrilling and so much fun,” Melvern described, “and I just really enjoyed it.” Both the cart ride and the whole trip.

The group went to the Beijing Language and Culture University or BLCU to learn about Chinese culture and experience the perspective of Chinese students. “No part of this trip was boring for me, in class, we had fun with the teachers or learned really interesting things about China.” Interesting things like Tai chi, calligraphy, what they describe as a Chinese sewing thing, and making opera masks. “I have all the things I made in those days until now, they have a lot of good memories.”

“We lived like Chinese students and learned about their lives from the classes to the dorms. If we can even call them dorms. It felt like we slept on the floor the whole time.” There was even a story from the trip from another member of the group where he was so tired from the day’s activities he jumped onto the bed and it felt like he fell off a flight of stairs.

“We made a lot of new friends on the trip and also grew much closer to our old friends and even our teachers through it,” Hubert commented. “One thing I want to share is when Melvern and I went to Gong Cha together and I remember,” he says while laughing, “I remember when Melvern spilled his drink on all the employee’s ingredients.”

They continued to laugh as we concluded the interview. “Honestly, I have been on a lot of trips before but this is one of the most memorable,” Melvern recalled, “I am no longer a student there, but I hope I get the chance to do something like this with my friends again.”


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