SC President leaves for Personal Reasons, Vice-President takes over

By 19 July 2021, Edbert Felix Lim met with the new principal of Sampoerna Academy Medan as the President of the Student Council, his first official duty in the role. An unexpected turn of events after the elections held in May earlier this year.

This confirms Edbert’s ascension to the position after Evellyn Kumala, the former President-elect, left the school for personal reasons which should be respected. Now replacing Edbert as the Vice-President for the Student Council will be Samantha Lee from Grade 10. Elvaro Nicholas Kosatria, the former President for 2020-2021 will take up the position as the new Head of Events under this council.

Edbert will be navigating foreign waters as this kind of succession has not occurred very often in school history. However, he has vowed to balance his and Evellyn’s agendas from their respective campaign, along with that of the new promising Student Council members to ensure that the winning ideas of the election will come to fruition and give the students what they asked for.

“I promise that regardless of other factors, I shall do my best as the voice of the students to make sure the school and our community as a whole is a better place overall than when I first found it,” Edbert said in a comment.

Let us all hope for the best from this unexpected turn of events and welcome this new council with open arms.


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