Presidential Election Results Released

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

On the 29th of April, the school administration tallied the votes, both teachers and students, and has finally declared the new student council president, effective next academic year. As announced, Evellyn Kumala Wijaya had won by only 4%, with her getting 52% of the votes and Edbert Felix Lim getting 48%, a pyrrhic victory.

Regarding the vice-president position, Mr. Hugo, the head of the school, has decided to give this position to Edbert. This final decision was made as the voting results split the school in half and neglecting half of those votes may cause turmoil.

Once Evellyn becomes the student council president, we can expect big changes affecting both students and the council itself. One change she will be taking is student-led clubs, "not only to ignite students’ passions but also to connect and share interests with like-minded people."

These new clubs could be anything from "Podcast Club" to "K-drama club" where Evellyn hopes new memories will be created.

Evellyn also hopes to launch a campaign "to reach out to other students dealing with the same problems.", problems relating to health, both mentally and physically. These campaigns may consist of interactive challenges promoting physical health and "seminars to delve deeper into yourself."

Evellyn also has improvements towards the council planned with her "ultimate priority will be to ensure council members can freely express their concerns and questions, and also find joy in what they’re doing."

Evellyn is "planning to set out coffee and tea for members to enjoy." She hopes that these meetings will become "a stage for members to voice out their ideas and cultivate their strengths."

All in all, we can expect major changes to the running of the student council and the activities planned for students.


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