One Community One Heart - Intercampus donation drive for support of struggling communities

One Community One Heart organizers, by Efa Oktazione

On 15 January, the school had executed an intercampus campaign donating goods to many different communities in need. According to one of the organizers, the greater goal of this initiative was to show the humanity of the school through giving. She also stated that although third parties like the student council's partner orphanage would benefit from this campaign. The internal community, including security guards, cleaning staff, gardeners, and others, would not be forgotten and also receive support in these trying times.

Originally suggested by the other campuses in the Sampoerna Schools System, Sampoerna Academy Medan was invited to participate. Seeing it is a great chance to spread kindness towards people from different communities, they took up the opportunity.

In short, the campaign titled, “One Community One Heart”, encouraged parents to donate any type of non-cash goods. These goods were given to two different orphanages so that they could then be distributed. Not to mention the number of storybooks donated to other children in Medan who cannot access basic education.

Additionally, the student council also played a helpful role in providing supplies for the donations. These supplies include necessities like rice, sugar, milk powder, hand sanitizer, etc.

On the day when the donated goods were delivered to the orphanage, representatives from the student council distributed the supplies to dozens of staff members of the school. Through this support, they hope that more and more people will be able to have an easier time going through this pandemic.

All in all, through heavy collaboration with different parties and organizations, it was a success. Though this campaign may sound simple, its impact exceeded many expectations, and the efforts of both the schools and the student council should be applauded.


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