Interview with SC Presidential Candidate Evellyn Kumala

The student council presidential campaign starts today and there is much to expect between the two amazing candidates, Evellyn Kumala Wijaya from Grade 11….. and Edbert Felix Lim from Grade 11 Tolstoy. The campaign period will start from the 19th of April until the 23rd of April and voting will start from the 26th and end on the 28th.

We at the Academic Post have conducted a short interview with both candidates to convey their messages with the hope that through our article, we can help fellow students in deciding which will be the candidate you will be voting for. Both candidates were given the same questions and there were some very promising statements made which made me personally feel very optimistic about this upcoming election and the future ventures of the student council. We first interviewed her view regarding the student council and the school itself and see what changes she can make to improve on the current situation.

Regarding her motivation for the candidacy, she mentions that she wants to “try out different challenges”. She also hopes that through that process of pushing herself she will be able to listen to the voices of the students which includes council members, creating a creative environment for the council members to increase overall productivity and enjoyment.

Supporting her idea of listening to the voices of students, she plans to propose an opportunity for students to form new “associations”. The idea focuses on uniting like-minded people or people with similar interests, where through the associations, “students are able to “freely” communicate their ideas” under student council supervision.

If she is chosen as the president, Evellyn will work hard to create a smooth and light-hearted atmosphere in the student council. She describes herself as having a very easy-going personality that people can relate with and hopes new and current members do not feel too much pressure if she were to become president. “I hope all council members will be able to find joy in what they’re doing, and to just see me as a friend!”

Lastly, she gives a statement about her goals and aspirations if chosen as president, “If I do become President, I plan to bring in a bigger room for improvement, a bigger room for people to unleash their creativity, and a bigger room for people to share their insights.”

As students, we can definitely rely on Evellyn’s experience and close relationship with the school administration at the council which makes her stand out as a presidential candidate. We can definitely expect many more changes within the future.


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