Interview with SC Presidential Candidate Edbert Felix Lim

With the Presidential elections just around the corner, we at the Academic Post have interviewed the candidates to get a broader scope of their plans. Here is candidate Edbert Felix Lim’s response to some of our questions.

With a question on his motive, Edbert explained “...I want to show people the value of the student council once more.” As well as, “to actually give a reason for people to believe in the student council and the things we do.”

This response shows his strong resolve to improve the council. With a plan to restore its reputation and status to what it once was or even higher than that.

When asked about the problems he believes the council is facing. He answered as such, "after I talked to a few ex-student council members from different schools, I’ve noticed a trend."

“Student councils during this pandemic have been degrading… and many student councils all around Medan have been losing their autonomy. They have begun to surrender from the idea of being student representatives. And they are losing sight of what student government stands for."

“I want to stop or reverse this process from going any further. I don't mean to make enemies with anyone, but it’s a big problem and must be addressed, no matter what other people say.”

Edbert is definitely a prominent candidate. His experience as a senior member with the council and his progressive agenda really make him stand out. He not only wants to revolutionize the student council but also what it means to be president as well.

Edbert has also shared some of his other goals. Including, "Giving CCAs or club activities a new face. I want to adopt a more international system where the students lead themselves. This would make clubs a lot more fun and interesting, as students will be the ones at the wheel.”

In wrapping up the interview, he summarizes like this. "I want to create a new culture for the council. To bring that feeling that I had once felt when I joined as a new member four years ago. And to create a new spirit for the school with more activities to make sure that next year is, never boring.”


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