Fall Cambridge Examinations Updates

In two months, the Cambridge AS Level exams will begin anew. Contrary to most expectations, the November 2021 series will not provide the offline option. Again, this is due to the current situation of the pandemic.

Many had forgone the May/June series earlier this year in favor of a possibly better option later in November. The absence of the carry forward option in the May/June series meant a total shift in weightage to the harder A2 exams; the results of the final certificate would rely heavily on the student’s performance in the A2 exams. It was this factor that made students reluctant to take the May/June series. But now that the future situation is set, it would seem that the inevitable has only been delayed.

In place of the conventional offline exams, Sampoerna Academy will offer School Assessed Grades; completed coursework, along with school grades, will be compiled into a portfolio for assessment from the Cambridge board. This method would seem beneficial to the candidates as the control is shifted more to the school. Additionally, the students’ study load for the AS levels is decreased in the absence of an exam. Although, they still have to focus on their current A2 course.

Despite Cambridge’s promise of its certificates’ worldwide acknowledgement, some universities are reportedly not accepting Cambridge’s School Assessed Grades — a few are even necessitating undergraduates to take an extra test from the university. Regardless, a certificate is a certificate, and it is better than none. Which is why some students will still go for the SAG.

Yet to the dismay of students, the fees for the Cambridge exams have increased. The exact amount has yet to be specified. Those who have already paid in advance might have to spend a little more to cover the difference. And as always, the school is offering options to reselect subject choices for the AS level, and also to withdraw fully. The refunded amount will be deposited to the student’s school fees. Otherwise, if the school fee has been paid per annum, the refund will be processed via bank transfer to the parent’s account.

Below are the key dates for the November 2021 series. Note that the international deadline is within days — 16th of August.


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