Cruising through Medan with 17 INCH Supermoto

17 INCH Supermoto, is a youtube channel based in Medan, Indonesia about the adventures of motorcyclists and their club, 17INCH Supermoto. The 17INCH Supermoto club, started by Muhammad Nanang Dermawan, consists of many members, each rocking their personalized dirt bikes.

In their youtube channel, they record stories of riding together through beautiful Sumatran roads, while enjoying themselves and having fun. These videos are a great watch, and definitely worth your time. The editing and the production quality of their adventures differ from other motorcycle channels, giving themselves a unique flare, and for those interested, the multitude of different bikes you can see in the videos, are all worth a look at. Not only that, but they also show tricks and stunts which shocked and amazed me.

Other than their youtube channel, you can also check out their Instagram @17inchsupermoto, There you can check out their merchandise, and see some of the beautiful motorcycles they showcase through their Instagram posts. Also, if you’re from Medan and have your own uniquely customized dirt bike, you can join their club by directly messaging them on Instagram. I highly recommend you check them out, and I promise it won’t be a waste of your time.

Thank you again to 17INCH Supermoto for sponsoring this post.


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