Bali Tourism Ministry declares the Island Will Open to Tourists.

The Head Minister of Tourism in Bali, Putu Astawa, has declared that the island will be reopening to everybody on October 14 2021. This is because the government believes that Bali is well suited enough to handle the pandemic and would be able to keep the infection rate low.

However, before buying that plane ticket, there are conditions that need to be known when enjoying yourself in Bali. One of the protocols that the government has imposed is ‘ganjil genap’ or ‘odd even’ and will be active starting 25 September 2021.

The ganjil genap protocol is a policy to decrease crowding and vehicle density on the road. The way it works is that there will be checkpoints setup on specific spots which then check for vehicles' plate numbers. If the plate number is odd, they can only go through if the date is odd.

For example, if it is the 17th of October, only vehicles with 1,3,5,7, and 9 at the end of it’s plate number can go through. However there are special vehicles that can bypass the protocol. Civil servants’ vehicles such as cops, fire fighters, or the military don't need to obey the protocol. Essential workers such as food deliveries or ambulances can also bypass the check points.

Visitors in Bali are also urged to use PeduliLindungi; an application that tracks your location and can inform you of high population density areas. This allows the government to pinpoint infected persons faster and take appropriate and informed measures.

Now you can start packing or planning a nice relaxing trip to Bali though it is highly encouraged for you to be fully vaccinated before going.


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