Announcement of Council Presidential Candidates A.Y. 2021-2022

As we know, candidates for the next president of the student council have been confirmed, Evellyn Kumala Wijaya and Edbert Felix Lim. Both of these candidates are very promising and we can expect great things from the both of them. Before they begin their campaigns though, we have asked for a comment from each of the candidates.

In regard to us having online school for a whole year, Edbert comments,

“We have missed out on a lot with a year in online school. It's been a difficult and eventful time in history but not really the high school life we have been expecting or hoping for. I will make sure that the next year will be one that will never be boring. That is my main goal with the office and I will deliver on it.”

As our upcoming candidate, Evellyn has prepared this statement, to convey her hopes and expectations as a student council presidential candidate for the students of Sampoerna Academy,

“2020 is boring, INFECTIOUS even. But listen, I am going to make YOUR 2021 somersault a whopping 180 degrees, and pretend as if there was no yesterday. As a presidential candidate, my vision is to turn OUR visions into reality. Together, WE become an interconnected body where everyone has a voice, and WE will be granted with the creative freedom to reach our visions.”

These were the initial statements from both of our candidates. From ourselves at the Academic Post, we would like to say, good luck to both of them! We hope your passion, energy and leadership may bring the school onto a better path. May the best win!


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